Rent your next holiday home with us!

With us, you can get the opportunity to rent Kårhuset, one of the houses on our farm. The house is beautifully situated in the middle of the Lærdal valley, with towering mountains on each side of the narrow valley, and the Lærdal river just a few hundred meters away. Here you will find everything the valley has to offer within reach, whether it be walking among the protected wooden houses in the old Lærdalsøyri city centre, or a walk in beautiful surroundings on the mountain.

The house itself has two floors with six beds, its own kitchen with a dishwasher, a large living room and a spacious bathroom with your own washing machine. In addition, the master suite has both a balcony and a private toilet. You will also have your own parking spots available outside.

In addition to gaining insight into modern, Norwegian farm life, Lærdal offers a number of nature and cultural history experiences. Here you can discover the long and exciting history of the Borgund Stave Church, or you can see the protected wooden houses in old Lærdalsøyri that give you an insight into a 19th century West-Norwegian village. You can experience Norwegian nature at its best, and you will be able to come close to the wild, world heritage listed fjord landscape that offers world-class experiences.