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Welcome to the Blaaflat farm!


At Blaaflat, we are concerned with good quality and taste. Therefore, our fruit ripens on the trees to get all the sun it needs to become sweet and juicy. All of our fruit is packaged by hand and is delivered directly to you. Welcome to Blaaflat farm!

The history of Blaaflat

The year is 1886. At Blaaflat in Lærdal, the main building of the small farm is converted into a hotel and shuttle station in a magnificent Swiss style. The hotel is popular for both Norwegian and foreign tourists, and life on the farm is blooming. The farmer Knut Blaaflat decides to expand and try his luck as an apple farmer, and in the early 1900s, the first fruit trees of the soon-to-be orchard are planted. The apples turn out to be a success, and in 1907 Henrik, his son, receives their first diploma from the Nordic horticultural exhibition in Kristiania for their collection of apples.

Initially, only one variety of fruit is grown, but as years go by, plums and pears are introduced to the farm as well. Soon the flatlands along the south-facing mountain side are in use, and the long, hot summer nights prove to do wonders for the sweet fruits. In the 1930s, the hotel management is phased out, but the fruit farm Blaaflat continues to live at its best throughout the 20th century. More farmers recognise what the meandering dale has to offer, and Blaaflat becomes one of several thriving fruit farms in the valley.

Today, more than 120 years of fruit production lie behind us, and in recent years both sweet cherries and apricots have found their way to our orchards. Henrik’s traditions are still with us, merging with the curiosity of new generations. As we take our farm further into the future, we are looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

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